Our Business is Computers

Optimistic Opportunities LLC.

Optimistic Opportunities is a company dedicated to bringing Computer Solutions to Small Businesses, and Residential customers. Currently we are overseeing Patterson Computer Service. We are seeking products, ideas, and concepts that will enhance Small Businesses, and Residential customers computing experience. Products and ideas that we choose to use would be used by Optimistic Opportunities and/or Patterson Computer Service.

If you have a product or idea that you feel will work in a small business and/or a residential environment, and would like to partner with us. Please send us your information.

Contact us at:

Address:       Optimistic Opportunities

 P.O. Box 1039

 Dolton, IL. 60419

Phone:          708-365-8110

Fax:              708-455-8119

Email:           prod_info@optimistic-opportunities.com